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Puppets in Star Wars fan films

By June 24, 2005 September 3rd, 2014 No Comments

Is it just me or are the puppets in the Star Wars fan films getting better all the time? I just saw the Animal House/Star Wars fan mash-up Jedi House tonight and it features a really nicely made Hutt puppet the filmmakers nicknamed “Pinki” (supposedly the nephew of Uncle Jabba) that’s complete with cable-controlled blinking eyes.

There are a couple of nice pages with photos of Pinki under construction here and here.

The forthcoming Return of Pink 5 is looking really impressive so far and features some very nicely made replicas of Yoda and Salacious Crumb in it.

There’s actually quite a tradition of using puppets in fan films, dating all the way back to grandaddy of them all Hardware Wars, which featured a brown coloured Cookie Monster subbing for Chewbacca.

2/9/14 Update: Broken links and embedded videos in this post have been updated.


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