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Grant Harding’s Abstractions

By July 18, 2005 May 1st, 2014 No Comments

Here are some interesting puppet video experiments by fellow Canuck puppeteer Grant Harding. Neat stuff, especially Sepiatone’s Song (embedded above), likely inspired by a very similar puppetĀ that Jim Henson developed in the early years of his career called Limbo.

15/02/06 Update: Grant’s new site is grant.hax.it, but unfortunately Sepiatone’s Song seems to be unavailable (see update below) .

30/03/06 Update: – Grant’s posted a video of Sepiatone’s Song being performed live at Mount Allison University on YouTube.

08/03/24 Update: – Links for this post have been once again updated and one of Grant’s videos has been embedded above.

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