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Some quite good Christian Puppetry

By May 1, 2007 October 2nd, 2014 No Comments

I’ve been fairly critical of the quality of Christian puppetry in the past, so I always feel obligated to point out the good stuff when I come across it and Stations of the Cross is pretty darn good. The music is excellent, the shadow puppets are well stagedĀ and the manipulation is simple (minimalist even), yet effective. The whole thing testifies to the power of the silhouette.

Stations of the Cross was created by a Jesuit named Edward Sheehy in New Jersey and I think that a lot of churches wishing to incorporate puppetry in to their worship and ministry could learn from what he’s done. Something like this requires less money, materials and technical skill than the “Muppety” stuff that’s so prevalent in Christian puppetry today and can also be much, much more effective.

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