The PG Tips Monkey

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The PG Tips Monkey

PG Tips is a popular brand of tea in the United Kingdom (they claim Britons drink 35 million cups of PG Tips a day) that seems to be very progressive. They’re owned by multinational food giant Unilever, which was the first company in the world that committed to sourcing all its tea in sustainable manner.

Since last year, PG Tips has also been running an innovative ad campaign featuring Monkey, a popular puppet advertising character created by British comedian Johnny Vegas, who plays Monkey’s companion “Al”. Monkey features prominently on the PG Tips website and is the star of the ten minute mockumentary about the history of tea, A Tale Of Two Continents:

The PG Tips Monkey is performed by Nigel Plaskitt and Susan Beattie and was built by Paul Jomain. His voice is supplied by British actor Ben Miller.

You can find more of the PG Tips Monkey ads on YouTube.

Special thanks to Ron for sending this in!

5/9/14 Update: Broken links to videos in this post have been updated.

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