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ABBA as Puppets

By May 24, 2009 September 12th, 2014 No Comments

Abba: Our Last Video features “4 small puppets who look very much like the original `70s Swedish supergroup ABBA are try to get a recording contract in Stockholm, Sweden 1974,” and, honestly, with a description like that what more do you need to know?

This was originally shot for the 2004 semi-finals of the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a truly international production, shot in Sweden with puppeteers Phil Eason, Richard Coombs, John Wheatley, and Mark Jefferies performing puppets built by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

Here’s a look at how they made it:

Via Puppeteers Unite with thanks to “Scuba Steve” for finding the “making of” video.

5/6/09 Update: Behind-the-scenes “making of” video added.

12/9/14 Update: The embedded videos have been updated because the original versions are no longer available. Some additional background information was also added.

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