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This 400lbs Animatronic Robot Won Comic-Con

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As you likely may have known, the annual San Diego Comic-Con was held over the weekend. For four days over 130,000 people descended on downtown San Diego for a four day orgy of panels, celebrity meet and greets, movie announcements, cosplay and just about everything else even remotely geeky that you could possibly imagine.

Wired Magazine, the Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects decided to get in on the fun this year and teamed up to bring a 400 pound animatronic robot/mech to Comic-Con. Built in just 21 days – and requiring over 2,000 manhours of work – it’s a pretty impressive thing that just about beats out every Comic-Con outfit I’ve ever seen (well, except perhaps the infamous Cookie Monster Slayer at Dragon*Con 2008. Nothing willever quite top that…).

Here’s some more video of it in action:

To see how this giant robot was made by the wizards at Legacy Effects, Wired has a gallery of “making of” photos available here. They also have a fantastic live blog of Comic-Con highlights, including more footage and photos of the Giant Mech.

Via Geekologie.

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