Monday Morning Inspiration: Get Yourself a Glarf

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I don’t often do outright endorsements of specific products here on the blog, but I’ll make an exception for these because, frankly, they’re awesome.

“Glarfs” are a new puppet/scarf/glove hybrid that American puppeteer David Stephens is selling through his online shop on Etsy. While I can’t personally vouch for how warm they’ll keep you in winter (Canada gets a lot colder than David’s hometown of Atlanta), but they look like lots of fun to have at any time of the year:

Glarfs from All Hands Productions

Glarfs are available in both child (left) and adult (right) sizes.

Glarfs are available in six different colours and each one is made-to-order and available in two sizes, child and adult. If you’d like to give – or get – one in time for Christmas, be sure to place your order by December 11th!

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