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Remembering Robin Williams

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Robin Williams passed away today. What can you say?

He was, of course, not a puppeteer, but was there ever a man alive whose talents were more naturally suited to interacting with Muppets, or puppets in general?

I think not.

Here’s another clip of Robin bringing his boundless energy and rapid-fire wit to The Big Breakfast in Ireland, bantering with Chris Evans and puppet co-hosts Zig and Zag, performed by Mick O’Hara and Ciaran Morrison:

Not many actors can actually manage to upstage a puppet, but Robin Williams was certainly one of them. I suspect that the world is going to feel the loss of his gifts for a long time to come.

May he find in death the peace that seemingly eluded him at the end of his life.

Via Sesame Street and The Independent.

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