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By October 15, 2014 August 7th, 2017 3 Comments

SMP Vegas recently produced this profile of Scott Land, in which Scott discusses his career and beginnings in puppetry. We also get some glimpses of theĀ “Team Land” workshop in Las Vegas and a look at some of Scott’s marionette making process.

For more about Scott and his work visitĀ ThePuppetMan.com.


  • Francis says:

    Scott is a talented marionette maker and his wife, Lisa is a talented painter. Sadly, their “professional” life is made up of bullying other performers and riding on the coat tails of any celebrity they can attach themselves to. They badmouth anyone with a difference of an opinion and Lisa is a self proclaimed Queen proclaiming, “beheadings” to those in her path that aren’t agreeing with her. They put on fake faces around their celebrity friends and use their friends celebrity status to try and elevate their stardom by the distasteful parading of others careers. Their talents are over shadowed by their heartless attacks to others in their community and using others.

    • Scott Land says:

      Actually if you’ve ever met me you’ll discover the truth but if you want to believe what you write that your view I’m being very clear been doing this as a profession for a long time and I will always defend my brand. Best of luck to you in the future.Scott Land

    • Andrew says:

      Francis, if you have been the victim of absuive behavior you have my sympathy, but this site is not a forum for launching personal attacks on anyone’s character for any reason. Bullying and personal attacks are simply not acceptable here – from anyone for any reason. If you feel that you or others have been the victim of inappropriate or abusive behavior elsewhere online I would strongly suggest that you report it to the moderators of those sites and deal with it in a more constructive manner.

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