Weekly Puppetry News Round-Up: Hand to God Edition

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Jim Goldblum discusses his documentary about the puppeteers and street performers of Delhi’s Kathputli Colony.

The Chinese Puppetry in Hong Kong project is promoting and preserving traditional Chinese puppetry February 4th.

Five Japanese TV stations are joining together to promote Bunraku puppetry in Osaka.

An inaugural meeting/exchange between puppeteers from ASEAN countries took place in Laos, Thailand last week (link goes to a Facebook page, login or registration may be required).

Australia & New Zealand

The UK’s Flabbergast Theatre is headed Down Under for the Fringe World Festival in Perth.


The Manipulate Festival is bringing Scotland a ‘snapshot’ of visual theatre.

Time to start planning to attend the Little Angel Theatre’s FIRSTS Festival in London.

Edinburgh Fringe favourite Waiting For Stanley is now on tour in the UK.

Remembering Mercè Gost, shadow artist and founder of the Catalan shadow puppetry company La Conic / Lacònica (link goes to a Spanish language web site).

Puppets from Russia’s oldest puppet theatre are on exhibit at the Swiss Puppet Museum.

Latin America & The Caribbean

UNIMA has announced the recipients of its first training grants for Latin American puppetry artists in 2015.

North America

Meet some members of North America’s premiere black light puppet company.

Rafifkana Dhafathi Padmonojati is a ten year old Dalang performing Wayang Kulit shadow puppetry in Toronto.

Calgary’s Green Fools Theatre are recovering from a flood with a disaster-inspired puppet show.

The Take A Seat program is auctioning chairs designed by Connecticut puppetry artists to raise money for scholarships to the O’Neil Puppetry Conference.

“Dabbler of the puppetry arts” Johnny Bones breaks down the joys and woes of directing puppets.

Robert Askins is the playwriting bartender behind Broadway’s upcoming Hand to God.

Bread and Puppet’s Captain Boycott responds to the protests occurring around the world.

The Woodsman uses folk music and puppetry to tell the tale of the Tin Man in Oz.

Mummenschanz brings magic to Rhode Island on their American tour.

Paul Mesner Puppets are bringing The Dinosaur Show to Seattle.

Calls for Entry

Innovative and creative puppet films in the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres are invited to submit to the Miscon International Short Film Festival.

Self-funded and crowd-funded puppet films with a total budget under $25,000 USD are being accepted by the Cine Pobre Festival in La Paz, Mexico.

Workshops and Training Opportunities

Iris Meinhardt teaches Body, Puppet and Manipulation – Human Body – Human Doll in Lisbon, Portugal February 12th – 14th.

Learn how to make puppet mechanics in Madrid, Spain with Mechanical Fantasies’ Diego Gilardi in February (link goes to a Spanish language web site).

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