Weekly Puppetry News Round-Up: Flat Iron Hex Edition

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Africa & The Middle East

Meet Emirati puppeteer Asma Al Shamsi from Iftah Ya Simsim, the Arabic version of Sesame Street.


Puppets from NHK’s popular Sherlock Holmes will be on display in Yokohama, Japan next month.

The Malaysia International Puppetry Festival began April 21st in Kuala Lumpur.

The Ukrainian puppetry company Ravlyk has just completed a tour to Tajikistan.


The Covent Garden May Fayre and Puppet Festival celebrates the 353rd anniversary of Punch in London, England on May 10th.

Simon Cowell got the Newzoid puppet treatment.

Ronnie LeDrew and Mervyn Millar appeared on the BBC’s Collectaholics to talk about puppets (link goes to a Facebook page, login or registration may be required).

A brief report from the second German Puppet Slam in Berlin.

A new exhibit at the Augsburg Puppet Theatre Museum in Augsburg, Germany looks at the role of puppets as a cultural ambassadors (link goes to a German language web site).

Puppets in Prague celebrates its 15th anniversary with a special two-day event in Prague June 21st – 22nd.

North America

The city of Montreal has committed $1 million to build a new international puppet centre (link goes to a French language web site).

Puppetmongers’ annual Fresh Ideas in Puppetry Day takes place in Toronto May 23rd.

The SpringWorks Festival is organizing a new two-day Canadian puppet festival in Stratford, Ontario.

With Breath Puppetry led a celebration of Earth Day in Belfast, Maine.

The O’Neil Puppetry Conference is preparing for its 25th annual summer puppetry intensive.

The touring cast of John Targtaglia’s Imaginocean talks about their final performance.

Peter Fekete is the new Artistic Coordinator of Open Hand Theatre in Syracuse, New York.

At home with American puppeteer Paul Mesner.

A new Sesame Street movie is being developed by Warner Bros.

The Children’s International Puppet Festival takes place in San Antonio, Texas May 6th – 12th.

Auditions & Job Opportunities

Performing arts specialists are wanted for an Artist Education Program in England.

A Puppetry Assistant is needed in the U.K. for a show at the Brighton Fringe in the United Kingdom.

Teatro de la Luna is seeking a puppeteer in Madrid, Spain (link goes to a Spanish language web site).

Clay and Paper Theatre is hiring student puppeteer/performers in Toronto, Canada.

Calls for Entry

Applications are available for the 2015 World Puppet Carnival in Sarawak – Borneo, Malaysia.

Scottish-based puppeteers can apply for Puppet Animation Scotland’s Creative Fund Award.

New York City puppeteers are needed for the Puppetry Arts Festival of Brooklyn on June 28th.

Applications from international companies are now being accepted for the International Puppet Festival for Adults in Lima, Peru (link goes to a Spanish language website).

Workshops and Training Opportunities

Marianne Mettes is teaching a series of puppetry classes in Canberra, Australia.

Norwich Puppet Theatre is organizing an International Puppetry Summer School in Norfolk, England.

Puppet Place offers a five week introduction to puppetry in Bristol, England beginning June 10th.

Also in the U.K., Brighton Puppetry School offers Story Making with Puppets May 23rd – 24th.

Puppets in Prague teaches traditional Czech marionette carving beginning June 25th in the Czech Republic.

Learn to create large scale puppets in the Italian Alps this summer with Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles.

Iceland’s Bernd Ogrodnik teaches Zen in the art of puppetry in Calgary, Alberta on May 27th.

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