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Weekend Wisdom: Puppetry Hand Warm-Ups

By June 28, 2020 No Comments

Let’s talk about warming up for a moment.

Warm-ups are something that’s very important, but not given nearly enough attention in the puppetry world. At the beginning of my career, performing in one and two hour long shows, the warm up was one of the most important parts of the preshow routine. I was fortunate to work with a few professionally trained dancers who usually led our warm-ups and really knew what they were doing, but many puppeteers lack the kind of physical methodology that dancers have. There has never been abundance of good information on proper puppetry warm-up exercises widely available.

Thankfully, Alex and Omsted (see previous post) are here to help! They’ve stepped in to the void and made a video with helpful hand warm-ups that are great for puppeteers and easy for anyone to do.

Via r/puppetry.