Tony Sinnett’s Masterful Marionettes

By August 21, 2020 No Comments
Source: TonySinnett.com

Tony Sinett is one of the United Kingdom’s leading wood carvers, puppet makers and puppeteers. He also operates Company of Marionettes, an online shop that sells puppets made by some of the world’s best traditional marionette makers.

Although probably best known for his beautiful carved marionettes, Tony has actually worked in a variety of styles and is a skilled performer. He just released a new show reel of his extensive puppeteering work, which you can watch below:

In addition to building and performing marionettes, Tony has been teaching his craft online for several years and produced a series of incredibly detailed and helpful YouTube tutorials.

You can see more of Tony’s work by visiting TonySinett.com, subscribing to his YouTube channel, and help make more of his tutorials possible by supporting him on Patreon.