Monday Morning Inspiration: How To Be A Creator with Colin and Samir

By August 21, 2023 No Comments
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The PuppetVision Blog began in 2004, dedicated to then-new idea of sharing puppetry videos online. That was just a few short months before YouTube arrived and revolutionizing how we watch video forever. A lot has changed since then, but YouTube is still the number one place people go to watch video.

It’s impossible to understate how enormous the opportunities YouTube has created are. An entire industry, the so-called “Creator Economy”, has sprung up around YouTube, and other video platforms like TikTok. It’s big business, with huge opportunities and incredible potential for artists of all kinds, but the journey to success can also difficult. Two Creators who know this well are Colin and Samir. They began working together in 2012, and after several years of false starts, they almost quit the platform before unexpectedly finding success by talking to other Creators about the business of being a Creator.

Appropriately enough, they have shared their story in a YouTube video on their channel:

The dynamic duo have spent the past few years building a huge following interviewing and analyzing some of the biggest names on YouTube, including Ryan’s World, MKBHD, Dream, and Deepfake Tom Cruise. Their ongoing relationship with YouTube’s number one creator, Mr. Beast, has given them deep behind the scenes access to the explosive growth of his studio and online empire.

You can watch and listen to more of Colin and Samir on their YouTube Channel. They also produce a fantastic newsletter for Creators, The Publish Press, as well as the weekly Creator Support podcast, where they answer questions from and offer advice to other creators. Definitely a must subscribe for anyone fascinated by the world of YouTube and the business of being a Creator!