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The PuppetVision Blog

The PuppetVision Blog began in 2004 as a way to share all of the great puppetry work that was emerging on the web from artists all over the world. With the exception of a few hiatuses, PuppetVision has been continually updated with hundreds of examples of puppetry for over fifteen years, making it one of the oldest and most extensive puppetry web sites in the world.

Currently, the blog is usually updated several times each week. The archives are fairly extensive, made up hundreds of posts covering just about every style of puppetry imaginable. Posts are generally categorized by media type (TV shows, feature films, web series, etc.) and tagged according to the style of puppetry used and various other factors. You can browse through the site’s categories and its most popular tags using the menu at the top of the page under “Blog”.

PuppetVision: The Movie

In 2011 work began on a feature length documentary about puppeteers and the art of puppetry featuring interviews with nearly one hundred leading and emerging puppetry artists from around the world.The documentary was originally scheduled to be released in 2015, but unfortunately had to be postponed due to personal circumstances. As of late 2019, after countless delays, PuppetVision: The Movie is finally entering the final stages of post production.

About the Author

I’m a independent filmmaker, puppeteer, and character designer/fabricator. I began my career in my teens, performing probably close to 1,000 black light puppetry shows throughout Canada and overseas. Since then I’ve been extremely lucky to have the opportunity to design, direct and perform throughout North America, as well as in far-flung places like Chile, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Most recently, I’ve worked as a Special FX Supervisor and Character Sculptor/Fabricator on an eclectic range of projects. I’ve made tortillas dance in TV commercials, built enormous puppets out of LEGO and helped create characters for some of Canada’s most popular sports teams. Pre-COVID, I also occasionally gave workshops and lectures about puppetry at schools, festivals and conferences internationally.

I make my home in Toronto, Canada where I’m currently spending the pandemic reading, writing, cooking, occasionally doing yoga and helping a six year old build a robot army for what I have been repeatedly assured are (mostly) benign purposes.

Questions and comments are always welcome via puppetvision@gmail.com.