Prairie Dog Puppets (photo © John Clayburn).

Free Prairie Dog Puppet Pattern

Learn how to make these cute and clever Prairie Dog puppets using a pattern and tutorial created by John Clayburn.

Free pattern and tutorial available
Round Foam Puppet Head

Free Round Head Puppet Pattern

A fantastic free pattern for making a two piece foam puppet head created by Mike Moore.  – Full tutorial using this pattern coming soon!

Download Pattern (.pdf)
Wedge Pattern

Free Wedge Pattern

The “Wedge Method” is a foam puppet construction technique that allows you to make round shapes from a series of wedges (click here for a detailed explanation) – Full tutorial coming soon!

Download Pattern (.pdf)
Project Puppet

Project Puppet

One of the most popular places to purchase puppet patterns online is Project Puppet, which sells a wide range of patterns for hand and rod foam puppets at a variety of different price points.

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