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Snail Me

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Snail Me

SiB: Snails in Black, a parody from the Snail Me podcast on YouTube.

Snail Me is a weekly puppet podcast I just recently discovered. It’s homemade and low-budget, but really, really clever and creative. Each of the videos revolve around a homemade snail puppet playing in front of a video screen, usually lip syncing to a popular song.

The Snail Me web site at www.snailmenotyet.ch seems to be offline right now so I haven’t been able to find much more information yet, but there are about twenty-five different episodes posted on YouTube. I haven’t had time to watch them all yet, but some of my favourites so far include:

New episodes seem to appear on YouTube every Wednesday. As always, if anyone out there has more information about Snail Me please send it in!

15/10/06 Update: Aww…just like that, Snail Me is over. Too bad.

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