Amazon Selling Muppet Knock-Offs – WTF?

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Oscar the Grouch knock-off offered for sale on Amazon

Screen captures of an Omakase ad for Muppet knock-offs and an Amazon page listing Oscar the Grouch for sale ..

So has apparently gone in the Muppet knock off business?

A few weeks ago I started using Amazon’s Omakase program – an advertising platform that auto-recommends products from Amazon for visitors to a web site – on a couple of my sites and this morning I got an email from an alert reader who was being served ads from Omakase for Muppet knock-offs listed on Amazon. I had to check this out to make sure it wasn’t some kind of error or that I had missed announcements about new Muppet photo replicas, but after some quick searching sure enough I discovered a bunch of Muppet knock-off puppets, all listed for sale on Amazon.

The Muppet replica problem has been around for a few years (mostly on ebay), but it’s really surprising to see items like this listed on Amazon. The seller of these items doesn’t appear to be Amazon itself, but a 3rd party who is selling these for some serious money with Amazon (of course) getting a cut of it.

Here’s a quick rundown of the characters listed on Amazon and what they are going for:

I really dislike the idea of these being advertised – even inadvertently – on my sites so I’ve temporarily removed all Omakase links from PuppetVision until their customer service can tell me how to block these from appearing. I’ll leave the copyright/trademark issues here for someone else to deal with, but if I was Master Replicas (they have the actual license to produce legitimate Muppet replicas) I’d be pretty upset Amazon is allowing this stuff to be listed and profiting from it.

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