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PuppetVision: The Movie Update #1

By November 26, 2011 April 28th, 2014 No Comments

Week #1 of the fundrasing campaign for PuppetVision: The Movie is over and we’re off to a strong start. The campaign raised $200 yesterday, which I was especially impressed by because it happened over the long Thanksgiving weekend in the United States. Thank you so much to Steven Ritz-Barr, Shawn Sorrell (the webmaster of PuppetsandStuff.com) and two anonymous donors for their support.

The goal of the campaign is to raise $12,500 to pay for the cost of stock footage and professional post production for the film. Because I want this to be a project that benefits not just me and the artists who are featured in the film, if the campaign reaches its goal of $12,500 the finished film will be released online under a Creative Commons license and be totally free for everyone to watch, download and share.

If you’d like to contribute, not only will you be helping to make this possible, but you will also be entitled to a number or perks including:

Contributions of $10 or more get you a thank you shout out here on the blog, Twitter and Facebook Page with a link to your web site. You’ll also have your name listed in the credits of the finished film (you can also contribute anonymously of course).

Contributions of $25 or more mean that you get to see the film before anyone else! You’re entitled to a digital download of the film once it’s complete (before any public release), plus if you’re in or can get to Toronto, New York, or Los Angeles you’re invited to attend one of the special screening parties that are being arranged where you can meet and mingle with some of the puppeteers who appear in the film.

Contributions of $50 or more get you get all of the perks listed above, as well as a DVD or Blu-ray disc of the finished film and a copy of the film’s poster signed by several of the puppeteers who appear in it.

Contributions of $100 or more are insanely generous and get you not only the perks listed above, but also an exclusive bonus DVD featuring hours of original interviews, outtakes and puppetry performance footage that does not appear in the finished film (this DVD will be exclusive to supporters on IndieGoGo and will not be made available publicly).

You can make contributions to PuppetVision: The Movie online at IndieGoGo.

There are other ways to help too. You can help the campaign enormously by going to IndieGoGo.com/puppetvision and “liking” the campaign on Facebook, sharing it on Twitter and also commenting on the teaser trailer on YouTube.

Thank you so much to everyone for your support!!!

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