Catching up with An Attic Full of Puppets

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I first wrote about An Attic Full of Puppets, Richard Butchins’ documentary about British puppeteer Frank Mumford back in July.

Frank is a 93 year old British puppeteer who along his late wife, Maisie, toured a sensational Marionette variety act throughout Europe in the 1930s and `40s. In their heyday Frank and Maisie performed at venues like the Moulin Rouge and the London Palladium alongside the likes of Laurence Oliver.

Today Frank lives in a tiny apartment in London’s Notting Hill and literally has an attic full of puppets and old film highlights from throughout his illustrious career. The goal of the film is to help Frank restore his old puppets and film and bring his remarkable story to life on screen. The first fundraising campaign for An Attic Full of Puppets fell short last year, but the production team has come roaring back from that setback and (so far) have raised $7,495 of the $10,000 that’s needed to complete the film.

You can help make this great project possible! Make a contribution today at IndieGoGo.com/An-Attic-full-of-Puppets.

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