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Buba Myses – A Hasidic puppet rock band

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Buba Meyes

Is it just me, or are Jewish puppet rock bands starting to become a thing?

Last year we heard about Red, a raunchy Israeli rock band that was discovered busking on the streets of Tel Aviv  and rose to fame thanks to a popular Israeli TV show. Now comes word of Buba Myses, a Hasidic puppet rock band (the band’s name is a play on “buba” the Hebrew word for puppet).

Buba Myses received some international press last month because they scored a small viral hit with this “Thanksgivukkah” holiday-themed parody of and Britney Spears’ Scream and Shout on YouTube:

What’s really interesting about Buba Myses is that (much like Red) it’s not just a gimmick. The puppeteers/musicians behind the group – Josh Friedman, Shimon Shar’abi, Yanky Board, and Eli Cutz – are very talented. This is a real band that plays their instruments while performing puppets.

Here’s a look at them performing live:

You can learn more about Buba Myses, see more of their videos and hear more of their music via their web site

Via Shalom Life.

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