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This is just an astonishing piece of puppetry

By April 29, 2014 August 7th, 2017 One Comment

You know, every once and awhile you think you’ve seen almost everything there is to see in puppetry..and then someone posts this on Facebook.

As you were watching it did you wonder how it was being done? I was putting together a couple of theories as I watched it the first time and all of them involved some kind of clever, but rudimentary mechanics. Of course, as soon as the puppeteer stood up to take his bow I realized exactly how he did it: just a brilliantly simple idea and a lot of skill.

The best puppeteers are usually the ones who keep it simple. Talent walks, talks and – in this case anyway – fights with itself.

Special thanks to everybody who was sharing this on the puppetry interwebs today!

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