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Brick Bros. Circus Now Streaming…for a limited time only

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For a limited time you have a rare opportunity to watch online one of the best and arguably most important Canadian puppet shows ever devised, Brick Bros. Circus.

Originally created in 1978 by Puppetmongers – Canadian puppeteer siblings Ann Powell and David Powell – the show features highly trained building bricks performing circus tricks in a miniature one ring circus. A true classic of puppet theatre, it was one of the seminal shows responsible for developing and popularizing object theatre in North America.

For the adventurous audience, the Brick Bros. Circus presents a complete tongue in cheek, miniature one ring circus, performed by highly trained building bricks in itty bitty costumes. These bricks truly come to life before your eyes in such stunning acts as The Terrifying Wild Brick, The Skill-Filled Kung Fu Playoffs, the Unbelievable Contortionist and much much more! Guaranteed to stimulate imaginations, this hilarious extravaganza has already warped the minds of several generations of audience: considered a classic amongst puppeteers, the show will expand your concept of puppet theatre.

Puppetmongers Theatre

I think Brick Bros. Circus may have been the very first live puppet show I ever saw when Puppetmongers brought it to my elementary school. I’ve seen in it several times in the years since at puppet festivals or when Puppetmongers remounts it here in Toronto, and it’s always great. I’m not sure if watching a recording will ever quite match the experience of seeing Ann and David perform it live, but I highly recommend seeing this while you can.

Brick Bros. Circus is available to stream online until March 24th via a pay-what-you-can donation to Puppetmongers Theatre via For those living in Canada, a charitable tax receipt for the full donation will be provided.

23/5/24 Update: Although it was originally promoted as available for “a limited time only”, as of this writing Brick Bros. Circus is available to watch on demand on Vimeo.