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Help Kickstart Alieons

By June 11, 2014 January 6th, 2015 No Comments

There’s slightly less than two days left in the Kickstarter campaign for Alieons, a neat-looking educational puppetry web series in development in Cape Town, South Africa.

Alieons is described as a “spectacular sci-fi & science fact adventure series for the whole family.” The series features a group of tiny aliens who visit Earth to explore and learn and is being realized using a combination of animation, puppetry, models and practical effects.

From the creators:

Alieons has become a reality because we wanted to produce a children’s series that we as adults and parents would also love to watch…

…Unlike the frenetic, violent or aggressive attitudes of a lot of children’s TV today, which so often assumes and then reinforces a minuscule attention span, we have created a series and characters that inspire us to strive to be our best, to overcome challenges and be solution orientated. Through integrating real science facts drawn from a diverse range of fields, from physics and biology, to animals and geography, we strive to encourage an interest in science and a respect for life and nature…

…We’ve been inspired by series’ such as Stargate, Firefly and Star Trek, so what we’ve done is take those ageless qualities we love about these shows: the humour, the camaraderie and teamwork, quirky personalities and character driven story lines, cool spaceships as well as daring exploits and action. We’ve then woven them into a brighter, less perilous world, so that children from elementary or primary school age can also enjoy it.

I love that this is another project on Kickstarter that is being made with lots of practical effects and models, which is definitely a trend (see Monday’s Harbinger Down trailer for another example). In fact, the only thing I don’t like about Alieons is the computer animated Annoying Orange-esque effect that’s being used to animated the characters’ faces (hopefully that will be fixed if they reach their goal!).

So please have a look at the Alieons Kickstarter page for more and if you like what you see, help make this series happen!

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