Weekly Puppetry News Round-Up: Giants in Liverpool Edition

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Africa & The Middle East

Ventriloquist Conrad Koch’s alter ego, Chester Missing, talks about South African politics and promotes his Mass Hysteria tour.


Sixth generation puppeteer Sun Zhentao and his wife, Han Lanying, are keeping the tradition of Ningyang puppetry alive in China.

Southeast Asian Theatre scholar Ghulam Sarwar Yousof talks about his bookThe Heritage of ASEAN Puppetry.

Australia & New Zealand

The giant puppets of Royal de Luxe are coming to Perth, Australia for next year’s Perth International Arts Festival.


Orville the Duck Ventriloquist Keith Harris reflects on challenges in his life and career.

The anniversary of World War I was marked in Liverpool, England this weekend by a special performance by the giant puppets of Royal de Luxe.

British Ventriloquist Sam Jones has been busy since reaching the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent.

Elsewhere in England, the Buxton Puppet Festival returns to Derbyshire August 3rd through August 9th.

The International Puppetbuskersfestival wrapped up this weekend in Belgium.

A detailed report from Rotas de Polichinelo, a new exhibit dedicated to Punch at the Puppet Museum in Lisbon, Portugal.

Some of Croatia’s best puppetry companies will perform alongside international artists at the 47th annual International Puppet Theatre Festival – PIF in Zagreb, Croatia in September.

North America

An Ottawa Citizen columnist suggests that North Korea should forget about Seth Rogan’s new movie and declare war over Team America.

Shout Factory has announced the first ever uncut release from the Japanese Tokusatsu series Super Sentai in North America.

Walking with Dinosaurs is still wowing audiences across America.

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snyder talks about producing Puppet Titus Andronicus Off-Broadway.

Terrence Burke talks about his passion for puppetry in Cincinnati.

Lisa Henson talks about growing up Henson and expanding her father’s vision.

Calls for Entry

Applications are now being accepted from artists wishing to perform in Spain at the 2015 edition of FETEN (Feria Europea de Teatro para Niños y Niñas) next year.


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