Weekly Puppetry News Round-Up: Puppet Allsorts Edition

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Puppeteers are educating children about sensitive social issues in India.

New Dehli’s Kuch Kuch Puppet Theatre discuss the sustainability of puppet theatre in India.

Cambodia’s annual giant puppet parade is about to light up Siem Reap.

Vietnamese water puppetry helped kick-off Lunar New Year celebrations in Hanoi.

Australia & New Zealand

Royal de Luxe performed their latest giant puppet spectacular in Perth.

Snuff Puppets has built one of the largest puppets in the world in Melbourne.


Did you know there is a puppet museum above the arctic circle?

Newzoids is a new British puppet satire in the tradition of Spitting Image.

Blind Summit puppet maker Helen Foan talks about her process.

Steve Barron recalls his days on the set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Mark Jameson had his puppet booth stolen along with other performing equipment after a charity performance in Tottenham.

Norwich Puppet Theatre has lots of fun planned for the school holidays in the U.K.

Jana Heinicke & Rene Marik talk about the first Puppet Slam in Germany (link goes to a German language web site).

Latin America & The Caribbean

The Titiritlan International Puppetry Festival begins in Guatemala on February 24th (link goes to a Spanish language web site).

North America

The Nisei and the Narnauks is using puppetry to explore a dark chapter of Canada’s history.

Canadian puppetry matriarch Mary Thornton is celebrating her 99th birthday this month.

The Dragon of Glory is an upcoming rare Taiwanese Dragon Dance performance in Toronto.

The line-up of Calgary’s 2015 International Festival of Animated Objects has been announced.

The Geppetto Fest will get the first peak at some of the PuppetVision documentary in April.

Over 14,000 people attended the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival last month.

A profile of Chicago marionette master Dave Herzog.

The PBS Newshour profiled Manual Cinema this week.

A show about Anne Frank inspires at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta.

Performing arts photographer extraordinare Richard Termine brought Elmo to Wisconsin.

Ian Samuels’ Myrna the Monster is ready to take the SXSW festival by storm.

A look at Paul Mesner’s Pulcinella.

Sid and Marty Krofft will produce their first new shows in fifteen years for Amazon’s streaming video service.

Calls for Entry

Puppet Allsorts is seeking performers for its annual Puppet Slam and Fundraiser in Toronto, Canada on June 29th.

Workshops & Training Opportunities

A new professional puppetry program, the Curious School of Puppetry, will launch in London next year (link goes to a Facebook page, login or registration may be required).

The Brighton School of Puppetry offers a weekend course in Meaningful Movement March 28th – 29th.


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