Weekly Puppetry News Round-Up: Rebuilding Edition

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Africa & The Middle East

Puppet icons Karagöz and Hacivat get re-animated at a Turkish puppet festival.

A first historic meeting of all six West African UNIMA Centres took place in Burkina Faso last month.

Handspring Puppet Theatre presented I Love You When You’re Breathing at Cape Town’s annual Infecting the City festival.


Endangered Indian Santhal puppetry was honoured at the Parampara Indegenous People’s Festival in West Bengal.

India’s first puppet academy is now officially open.

A troupe of Fujian puppeteers from China performed in Cambodia.

Veteran puppeteer Duong Van Hoc has opened Vietnam’s first solo puppetry museum.

Australia & New Zealand

Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is giving back to the performing arts.


A new Puppetry Development Consortium is being established in the United Kingdom.

An update about the fire at London’s Battersea Arts Centre this weekend.

The British Museum is staging Regency-era toy theatre plays by William West that have been unseen since the 19th century.

Carros De Foc will pay tribute to famous Czech puppeteers with a giant puppet performance in Pilsen this summer.

Georgia’s leading puppet theatre is preparing to showcase its work in the United States.

Latin America & The Caribbean

Mexicans are voting to decide a national puppet to represent Mexico.

Brazil’s Northeastern Puppet Theatre is officially being recognized as part of the country’s cultural heritage.

North America

The Old Trouts’ Famous Puppet Death Scenes returns to Calgary for its ninth anniversary.

A list of nine famous American puppeteers of the 20th century.

There are two new exhibits on display at the Ballard Museum of Puppetry in Connecticut.

Meet the cast of Hand to God, the new Broadway play about Christian puppetry.

Chad Williams and Lindsay “Z” Briggs are a New York City puppetry power couple.

Madison J. Cripps talks about puppetry and his upcoming shows at the Geppetto Festival in Buffalo, New York.

A nice profile of the Cincinnati area puppetry scene.

Puppets bring Paul Mesner’s inner world to life.

Iowa’s Eulenspiegel Puppet Theatre is 40 years old and Owl Glass Puppetry Center is 20.

The story behind Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show lion.

The Bonus Material Podcast takes a look at puppet films (warning: may contain NSFW material).

Writer Angela Tung’s deconstruction of Muppet lingo.

Auditions and Job Opportunities

The Little Angel Theatre is seeking a part-time touring assistant.

Puppetry instructors are needed for a summer arts camp in Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.

An unnamed local history museum in Washington State is looking for a Puppet Curator.

Puppeteers are needed in Los Angles, California for a music video shoot.

Calls for Entry

The LOOP Discovery Award is currently accepting film and video submissions.

Independence Square in Netanya, Israel is currently seeking films and videos suitable for projection on giant outdoor screens.

Puppet slam acts from across the United States can apply to the National Puppet Slam.

Workshops and Training Opportunities

Two new courses are being offered in England at the new Brighton School of Puppetry.

A series of upcoming shadow workshops celebrate “the Year of Light” in Catalonia, Spain (link goes to a Spanish language web site).

Natacha Belova teaches a puppetry masterclass in Madrid, Spain in July (link goes to a Spanish language web site).

The 2015 New England Puppet Intensive takes place July 31st – August 16th in Troy, New York.

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