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Team America on DVD

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Team America

Photo © Paramount Pictures

Team America is now available on DVD. If you missed it the first time `round then this is perfect opportunity to check it out. Just be warned that this is definitely not a puppet movie for kids; the theatrical version was pretty crude and the DVD version is likely to be even raunchier (among other things, it will include the original uncut version of its infamous sex scene).

I’m a huge fan of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, but Team America is a bit of an acquired taste. The design and puppetry work in it are outstanding and there are are some great bits in the film. I personally love the way it rips apart the Jerry Bruckheimer action blockbuster genre – beginning with the Team America, F–k Yeah! theme song – but it’s not a movie for everyone.

Also worth seeing is the previously mentioned Team America send-up Dell Tech Force.

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