Monday Afternoon Inspiration: 279 Days To Overnight Success

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279 Days to Overnight Success Chris Guillebeau is the author of The Art of Nonconformity, a blog about personal development, entrepreneurship and unconventional work. Last year Chris set himself the goal of becoming a full-time, self-employed writer and launched his blog. His “overnight success” took less than a year to achieve and he expects to have a (mostly) passive income of over $40,000 this year. And he’s done it without running ads on his site, posting on Digg or doing all the other things that the “experts” say you have to do to have a successful website. And no, it’s not some kind of gimmick or get-rich-quick scheme (the real secret is a lot of hard work, dedication and patience).

Chris has written a really interesting manifesto called 279 Days to Overnight Success that tells the story of his website, how he’s making his living and offers free advice on how to be successful with your own project if you’re an artist, entrepreneur or just a little unconventional. Also worth checking out is his World Domination Manifesto (also totally free). Both contain lots of good, unconventional advice about doing unconventional work in unconventional times. Via Seth Godin.

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