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2011 Yunlin International Puppetry Festival

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2011 Yunlin International Puppetry Festival

Andrew with Edy Hung (left) and puppeteers Emma Cho and Master Huang Shih-Chin (right) during the 2011 Yunlin International Puppetry Festival in Taiwan’s Yunlin County.

My apologies for the relatively light posting here the past couple of weeks; I’ve been in Taiwan for the Yunlin International Puppetry Festival, where I was performing, teaching workshops and filming for the feature length documentary that I’m currently working on. It was an incredible experience and I was very fortunate to befriend several incredible puppeteers from around the world, including some of Taiwan’s leading Master Puppeteers.

I’m looking forward to sharing some photos and video from the festival with you in the coming weeks, but first I’m scheduled to head off again later this week to do more interviews for my film. In the meantime, updates here on the blog should be back on a regular schedule.

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