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Lady Godiva Awakes for London 2012

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Godiva Awakes is giant puppet performance and procession that involves a 10 metre tall giant puppet of Lady Godiva traveling from Coventry to London with the help of 2,000 (!) dancers, actors, aerialists, musicians, pyrotechnicians, puppeteers, cyclists and others. Lady Goldiva “awoke” last Saturday and is scheduled to complete her journey this Sunday.

You can watch an excerpt of the opening performance in Coventry below:

The Lady Godiva puppet itself is built from aluminum and carbon fibre and dressed in a coat crafted by local artists with authentic leather size 72 boots and specially made underwear by fashion designer Zandra Rhodes. The project by Imagineer Productions was commissioned for the London 2012 Festival as part of this year’s Olympic celebrations across the UK.

Godiva Awakes is actually just one of several puppetry projects commissioned for the London 2012 Festival. Hilary Talbot has a complete list available over at her Spirits Dancing Blog.

Learn more about Godiva Awakes here and follow her journey on Twitter.

5/8/12 Update: Godiva has arrived in London. The BBC has a nice gallery of images documenting her entire journey from Coventry to London.

28/8/14 Update: The videos originally embedded in this post are no longer available on YouTube. Alternate videos have been substituted in their place.

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