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Is this the world’s largest puppet?

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Sekikawa Giant Snake

A giant bamboo and straw snake is paraded by hundreds of people during the Sekikawa Giant Snake Festival in Sekikawa-mura, Niigata, Japan (photo credit: Enjoy Niigata |

“Officially” (at least according to Guiness) the world’s largest puppet is a giant marionette that serves as the mascot for Ottawa’s annual Ital-Fest. But measuring just 17 m 82 cm (58 ft 5.5 in) it pales in comparison to what I’m convinced is the really world’s largest puppet, a truly massive bamboo and straw snake in Niigata, Japan that is over 82m long!

Built for the annual Sekikawa Giant Snake Festival in Niigata, Japan, this awe-inspiring serpent weighs over two tons and is annually paraded through the village of Sekikawa-mura every August by hundreds of volunteers as the highlight of the Sekikawa Giant Snake Festival:

If you want to learn more, you can read the account of Mary Miller, who participated in this year’s festival and watch a playlist of videos that she shot during the parade too!

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