Weekly Puppetry News Round-Up: Creature Shop Challenge Edition

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Africa & The Middle East

Yemen’s Thara’ Puppetry Troupe celebrated both World Puppetry Day and World Theatre Day with recent performances.

Handspring Puppet Company are among a group of South African artists to be featured at the 2014 Edinburgh International Festival.


Indian political party BJP is staging hand puppet shows to mock the ruling AAP government in the run-up to national elections.

Pakistan’s 11th National Puppetry Festival has begun in Lashore, where ten Pakistani puppetry groups are set to perform.

Filipino Ventriloquist Wanlu made a TV appearance in the Philippines to talk about World Puppetry Day celebrations around the world (link goes to a Tagalog language video).

Meanwhile, Taiwan’s Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum celebrated World Puppetry Day by throwing a thank you party for its supporters at a tea house in Old Taipei.

Vietnam’s Thang Long Water Puppetry Theatre staged a special performance in Hanoi this week in honour of World Theatre Day.

Thai puppeteer Peerapong “Chaoguay” Chalermtin has been dancing in the streets of Phuket for three years.

Australia / New Zealand

Australian puppeteer Jhess Knight is studying at the London School of Puppetry.

The Jim Henson Company’s Puppet Up! is back in Australia.


After being hit with a series of funding cutbacks, Horse + Bamboo Theatre are appealing for help staging their annual puppet festival in the UK.

A review of the Spitting Image: From Start to Finish exhibit at London’s Cartoon Museum.

Five new shows debuted this month as part of the Little Angel Theatre’s FIRSTS Festival.

Lempen Puppet Theatre Company went to the Isle of Man with their Cool Seas Puppet Roadshow.

Puppets in Prague’s Mirek Trejtnar talks about his career and the Czech marionette tradition.

Latin America & The Caribbean

UNIMA will hold its first ever council meeting in Latin America in conjunction with the “Taller internacional de Títeres de Matanzas” puppet festival in Cuba.

North America

A glimpse backstage at The Little Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia on tour.

In Canada’s Northwest Territories, a local Metis government wants to use puppetry to help students learn more languages.

An offer to help host puppeteers during the Puppets Up! Festival led to a woman from rural Ontario collaborating on Teatro SEA’s latest production in New York City.

More puppet slams are on the way in April across America.

In The Heart of The Beast are using puppetry to teach history in Minneapolis.

One of those slams is Puppets After Dark, which raises money for the Paul Mesner Puppets in Kansas City, Missouri this weekend.

Ibex Puppetry paid a visit to a local elementary school while on tour in Nebraska.

Artists are busy building giant puppets for the annual WildWalk at next month’s International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana.

L.A. Puppet Fest wants to stage Los Angeles’ largest ever puppetry parade.

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog are performing live at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre before special screenings of Muppets Most Wanted.

Animatronics designer and Teddy Ruxpin creator Ken Forsse sadly passed away after a lengthy illness.

Also being remembered is beloved California puppeteer Lewis Mahlmann.

Geek and Sundry goes for a tour of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

One of the folks living out their dream of working at the Creature Shop is Robert Bennett on Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge as well as puppeteer Lex Rudd.

A reminder why despite box office disappointment, small franchises like The Muppets still matter.

Auditions & Job Opportunities

Buck’s Rock Performing Arts Camp is seeking puppeteers to work with adolescents in their Puppetry Studio program this summer in New Milford, Connecticut.

Calls for Entry

The Little Angel Theatre in London, England is now accepting applications for the 2014 Hatch Festival of new puppetry work and work-in-progress.

Workshops and Training Opportunities

This year’s courses for the London School of Puppetry’s diploma in Professional Puppetry to both British and international students begin in May.

Also in London, The Little Angel Theatre has upcoming classes in puppet making and puppetry for adults.

The Toronto School of Puppetry offers on-camera puppetry training in Toronto, Canada April 12-13th.

The Los Angeles branch of Puppet School is offering a series of one day puppet making workshops beginning April 27th.

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