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DC’s Teen Titans as Puppets

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Ever since the TV series Angel made its now-classic puppet episode Smile Time not a year goes by that at least one TV series doesn’t “puppet-ize” itself. The latest show to jump on the wagon is Cartoon Network’s animated series Teen Titans Go! which just finished its first season with a special puppet-centric episode.

Here’s a synopsis:

Robin makes marionette versions of the other Titans as a way to deal with their lack of respect. However, he takes things a little to far when he wishes the Titans were more like his puppets and ThePuppet Wizard grants his wish.

Teen Titans Go! is based on the long-running, popular Teen Titans comic book, about a team of teenage superheroes. In a departure from most cartoons based on DC Comics superheroes, the series is meant to be a kid-friendly comedy that is built around the day-to-day lives of the Teen Titans and what they do when they’re not saving the world.

In this clip from the DC All Access YouTube show, Teen Titans producers Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath talk a bit about how the episode came about:

The Sicilian-style rod marionettes featured in the episode were built by B.J. Guyer, Rob Saunders, Frank Langley, and Carol Binion at Puppet Design Studio, the same shop that recently turned Ed Sheeran in to a puppet for his hit single Sing.  The puppeteers who worked on the episode included B.J. (Robin), Rob (The Sock Puppet Wizard, Raven), Frank (Beast Boy), Kate Katz (Starfire), and Steve Troop (Cyborg).

Teen Titans Go! airs on Cartoon Network in the U.S.A. on Thursday nights at 6 p.m. Check your local listings for international air dates and times.

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