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Cicada Princess

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Cicada Princess made a huge splash online a few years ago when it became one of the popular short films launched through Kickstarter, raising $74,272 back in 2011.

Director Mauricio Baiocchi put together a talented team of over one hundred artists to make Cicada Princess. Narrated by Stephen Fry and based on a children’s book of the same name by Mauricio, the film is a beautiful short that uses miniatures and puppets to follow the lives of Cicadas as they gather for a grand ball before the sun rises and their lives come to an end.

The film has received lots of accolades on the festival circuit and was finally released online earlier this year. You can watch it embedded above, or download a copy for yourself.

Unfortunately, much of the beautiful conceptual art and other behind-the-scenes materials from the making of the film had to be taken down from the web due to a legal dispute between the production and one of its designers, but composer Jesse Solomon Clark has shared a video of scoring sessions for the film, which you can watch above.

Hopefully, we’ll eventually get to see more of the art from Cicada Princess and other making of materials at some point in the future. Until then, enjoy the Cicada Princess.

After all, they don’t come along very often, do they?

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