Weekly Puppetry News Round-Up: Labour Day Edition

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Ochirovich Zhaltsanov discusses the new season of his puppet theatre in Buryatia, Russia (link goes to a Russian language article).

The ASEAN Puppetry Association is forging closer ties with the larger ASEAN Foundation.

Traditional Hokkien glove puppetry at the 2014 Desa Setapak Chinese Ghost Festival in Kuala Lumpur.

Photos from another Hokkien Puppetry performance in Singapore.

Discover a wonderful shadow puppet museum in China’s Gansu province.

Vietnamese Water Puppetry will be presented in Japan during Tokyo’s Vietnam Festival September 13th – 14th.

Discover the Teochew puppet opera of Madam Ooi Siew Kim and her Ming Yu Feng puppet troupe (scroll down the linked page to “Teochew puppetry: No strings attached”).

Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum Director Dr. Robin Ruizendaal spoke about building an international performing arts centre on a limited budget this week in Penang, Malaysia.

Australia & New Zealand

A review of Dead Puppet Society’s The Harbinger.

Thousands came out to protest recent Australian budget cuts alongside a giant puppet of Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott in Melbourne on Sunday (link goes to a Facebook Page; registration or login may be required).


U.K. ventriloquist Paul Zerdin is back with a new tour.

Photos from the recent Smoking Puppet Cabaret at the Shambala Festival (link goes to a Facebook Page; registration or login may be required).

Essex is getting ready for the Witham International Puppet Festival on September 20th.

Bulgarian Small Puppet Theatre SLON’s Bird of Paradise is likely the first ever water puppet theatre performance created by a European company.

The puppet slam phenomenon comes to Norway…Cafeteatret takes place September 19th in Oslo (link goes to a Facebook Page; registration or login may be required).

The 47th annual International Puppet Theatre Festival in Zagreb, Croatia takes place September 15th – 20th.

North America

Pili Puppetry enthralled Vancouver audiences this weekend at Taiwanfest.

Puppet Slams are coming soon to Minneapolis, Phoenix, New York and California this month!

Episodes of the classic `80s kids’ show The Great Space Coaster are now available on Vimeo.

The International Arts and Puppet Festival takes place in Syracuse, New York on September 13th.

Cambridge, Massachusetts was treated to Bread and Puppet’s Nothing Is Not Ready Circus.

Beau Brown, Stacey Gordon and Madison J. Cripps talk about the National Puppet Slam and puppetry at Dragon Con this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Center for Puppetry Arts hosts its annual String Fling gala on September 6th.

Paul Mesner talks about his latest show, Rag, Swing, Bop!

Seattle’s popular Bumbershoot Festival hosted the The Fussy Cloud Puppet Slam this weekend.

TV station KTLA paid a visit to Puppet School in Los Angeles.

Disney has filed patents for Drone-operated puppets that may be used in its theme parks.

Actor and occasional puppeteer Jason Segal lives in a house full of puppets.

Auditions and Job Opportunities

Scenic Route Theatre is currently seeking a puppeteer and performers in the United Kingdom.

John Tartaglia’s ImaginOcean is currently auditioning puppeteers in New York City.

Calls for Entry

Do you make puppet films? You could be Big Screen Bradford’s Filmmaker of the Month!

The Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation is currently offering grants for U.S. puppeteers and puppetry companies seeking assistance to tour internationally.

Workshops and Training Opportunities

UNIMA will offer three grants for professional puppetry training this fall.

Space is still available in Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s 8 week marionette making masterclass with Leon Hendroff, which begins September 7th.

Indian Ink’s Jacob Rajan teaches Puppetry, Mask and the Serious Laugh in Tauranga, New Zealand September 26th.

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