Weekly Puppetry News Round-Up: Finger Ballet Edition

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Musicians, dancers, puppeteers and buskers collaborated together for Puppets to Pull Strings for Clean India.

Kaiju Gaiden is a new documentary about independent Japanese Tokusatsu filmmakers.

The 2014 Yunlin International Puppetry Festival is underway in Taiwan.

Director Chong Tze Chien selects his favourite puppets created by Singapore’s Finger Players.

Cambodia’s Sovanna Phum Theatre group staged their latest production in Phnom Penh.

Star Wars is being used to help revive Malaysia’s Wayang Kulit tradition.

Australia & New Zealand

Farm is the product of a collaboration between Spare Parts Puppet Theatre and the town of Merredin in Western Australia.

Marianne Mettes shares her experience as an artist-in-residence at Gorman House in Canberra.


From the U.K., Whole Hog Theatre reports on a very busy summer.

The crowdfunding campaign for Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm is off to a great start.

British Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin talks about his first puppet.

Meanwhile, in Bavaria, Drachenstich’s giant animatronic dragon goes to the Dentist (link goes to a German language web site).

Turkey is preparing to host 30 international companies during its Istanbul International Puppet Festival.

Learn about the Ottoman shadow puppet tradition.

North America

The Old Trout Puppet Workshop made a Christmas special for Canadian television.

Video of Ronnie Burkett and his Daisy Theatre in Vancouver.

Pennsylvania puppeteer Charlotte Randall is launching a puppet lending library.

Stephanie D’Abruzzo talks about puppetry, Avenue Q and Sesame Street.

Tough Pigs offers advice on how to be a Muppet fan at the New York Comic-Con.

Fran Brill is retiring after 44 years of performing on Sesame Street.

Elwood Productions wants to Kickstart a puppet horror film.

Calls for Entry

Coppenhagen’s Badtheatret is inviting adult puppet theatre submissions from Danish and international playwrights (link goes to a Danish language web site).

Short puppet films are welcome to submit to the 10th Prague Short Film Festival.

Speaking of puppet films, No Film School has published a massive list of upcoming grants and funding programs for filmmakers.

Canada’s Festival de Casteliers is welcoming proposals for performances and other “odd proposals for experimental or family audiences” (link goes to a French language web site).

Also from Canada, international puppet film submissions are now being accepted for the 2015 Prairie Puppet Underground Film Festival in Regina, Saskatchewan. Local (Saskatchewan-based) puppetry artists can also apply to perform at the IPUFF Puppet Slam Cabaret.

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