More Monday Morning Crafsman Inspiration

By June 22, 2020 No Comments

One of the truly joyous discoveries I’ve made in recent months has been the Crafsman, who has previously been a source of Monday Morning Inspiration. Soft spoken, accessible, always informative and utterly charming, the Crafsman has been steadily producing his popular “Steadycrafin'” YouTube Channel for several years, producing weekly tutorials explaining how to make your own toys, art, jewellery, videos and more.

Label maker title created by the Crafsman
The Crafsman uses vintage tools and toys to make in-camera titles.

One of the most impressive things about the Crafsman is that not only does he entertain his viewers, he genuinely inspires them too. The online community of “Steady Crafters'” is steadily growing, with fans sharing their own Crafsman-inspired projects on the Steady Craftin’ subreddit and the Crafters of the Universe Facebook group.

In addition to crafts, one of the most frequently commented upon aspects of the Crafsman’s videos are their uniquely retro look and sound. Viewers love the way The Crafsman frequently creates titles and visuals in-camera using vintage toys (the classic Fisher Price School Days Play Desk is a favourite), and he’s taken to explaining all of that too. His most recent video (above) explored how he makes music using a combination of digital samples, drum machines, analogue devices, synthesizers, and toys.

In another recent video he explained his video production workflow too:

For more Crafsman videos, subscribe to his YouTube Channel and please considering supporting him on Patreon if you can.