Monday Morning Inspiration: Rêveries Magnétiques

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The multidisciplinary French company Omproduck is made up of artists from a variety of artistic backgrounds, including puppetry, dance, music and shadow theatre. Together they draw on that collective experience and fuse it with digital technology to create fluid, emotive performances that are meant to make us question technology and the world around us.

One of their latest works, Rêveries Magnétiques (“Magnetic Musings”), is an object theatre performance that involves an audience watching projections of fluids and other materials being manipulated in real-time. The result is what Omproduck calls a sort of poetic “sensory trip evoking microcosm and macrocosm, a dive into the infinite trying to suspend the running of time.”

This reminds me of Basil Twist’s beautiful Symphonie Fantastique fused with the video techniques used in shows like Kiss and Cry and Hotel Modern’s Kamp. Much like those shows, I suspect that Rêveries Magnétiques is one of those theatrical experiences that you have to actually witness to fully appreciate.

Rêveries Magnétiques

Image from Rêveries Magnétiques (photo source: Omproduck).

Omproduck will perform Rêveries Magnétiques at several different venues in and around Paris over the next several months. If you’re in or near France – or will be before the end of the year – don’t miss the chance to see it for yourself.

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